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Bacchus is Back

A wine journey like no other. We go back to where it all began. 

All of life is created by our stories, so we start here with; 

Bacchus the God of wine, agriculture, connection, and expression.

In a beautiful off the grid paradise in the middle of a Tuscan Valley, you’ll reset all your senses in the most surprising way. 

With nature as the ground field, we will be part of the harvest and pick the fruits with our own hands, visit several biodynamic wineries in the Firenze area, we will host a dinner in the dark to be able to focus on your tongue and nose with poetic guidance, we’ll do a hike in silence to Chiusi Della Verna, the monastery of Francesco d’Assisi, a true nature lover. To observe the sounds of the forest that will evolve in a magical concert.

Adventure, Tasting, Travel

Tuscan wine adventure

Have you already got your vaccination? Italy is going white, and we’re organising a wine week in October with @novanta_90 and @ornina_wine

The sun is still shining, hiking is a great pleasure and nature is giving you figs from the tree in front of the house. 
We’ll make you enjoy the best of Tuscany and just that little bit more than.. W I N E…
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